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The Lyrebird Track is open!

The Lyrebird track is a short 0.3km return walk in Wollumbin National Park. It leads from Mount Warning Road across Breakfast Creek to a lookout surrounded by majestic trees and rainforest.

Take a short hike on Lyrebird track and surround yourself with the lush subtropical rainforest of World Heritage-listed Wollumbin National Park. This easy track winds through palm forest to a viewing platform where you can stop, breathe in, and almost watch the fertile forest grow.

A huge diversity of animals, birds and plants exist here and each plays an important role in the rainforest ecosystem. Leaves, branches, fruit and seeds constantly drop from the tree canopy to form leaf litter. This provides shelter and camouflage for many creatures on the forest floor such as frogs and ground birds. Fungi, insects and animals help to break the organic matter down, which the trees can then reabsorb as nutrients. Brush turkey can be seen foraging through this leaf litter for insects and seeds. They always have one eye on the job and another looking out for predators, because it doesn’t need to be a special occasion for carpet pythons to enjoy a turkey lunch.

For more information visit the NSW National Parks webpage here.


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