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Check-in times: 2pm for Cabins & 11am for Campsites.  Check Out Time: 11am.  
Mt Warning Rainforest Park is a magical place for people to come and stay and a sanctuary for the amazing array of flora and fauna found in the Mt Warning National Park. Please observe the Park Rules to assist in preserving this unique habitat and for guest safety.

NOISE – Please keep noise to a minimum at all times. TVs and stereos should not be audible from adjoining sites.  Music and excessive noise must cease by 10pm.
RUBBISH – Please place all general rubbish into Red Bins and recycling into Yellow Bins.  Thank you in assisting us preserve our eco-friendly park.
FIREWOOD - Please do not take wood from the rainforest.  This is used by local wildlife. Firewood is available from reception.
WATER – The park is supplied by spring water and must be used sparingly. Please do not wash vehicles.
PARKING – There is a limit of one vehicle per site to allow ample space to enjoy the campground. Vehicles must remain within the boundaries of guests allocated site, or be parked off site, outside of the campground front entrance.
PETS – No cats permitted in the park. Dogs are permitted in the Pet Friendly Zone and guests must receive permission from management before booking.
Dogs must be kept on the leash at all times and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

VISITORS – It is a legal and security requirement for all visitors to register at reception upon arrival. Visitors remaining in the park for more than 1 hour must pay a day use fee of $15.00 per adult, $5.00 per child.  All visitors must leave the park by 7pm.



RECEPTION –Open from 8am until sunset. 

Drinks, snacks, bbq meat, firewood, ice, LPG refills and a range of convenience items are available.

LAUNDRY – Facilities are open from 8am until sunset – change is usually available at reception. $2 and $1 coins.

CAMP KITCHEN – The Camp Kitchen is open until 10pm – Please keep BBQs clean.

INTERNET – There is a free WI FI Zone for guests available at reception.



CLIMBING - Climbing on retaining walls, rock walls, benches and fences is strictly not permitted.  Climbing of trees and access to and use of the creek and rainforest areas is undertaken at guests own risk.  Management DOES NOT accept risk for personal safety during these activities.

BIKES – Helmets are to be worn at all times. Bikes are not to be ridden after dark.

CREEK - Please DO NOT access the creek throughout the Park.  There are hidden dangers which can cause serious injuries.  All activities in the vicinity of the creek are undertaken at your own risk.

FIRES – Campfires are only permitted in fireplaces provided. The use of fire pits is at campers own risk, please ensure children are closely supervised at all times to prevent burns. Extinguish fire pits each evening to prevent hot coals being left on the ground and to limit the possibility of unsupervised open flames. 

POOL – Open from 9am until sunset. Children under 12 years are to be supervised by an adult. There is to be strictly no diving, running or bomb diving. Pool rules and safety signs are located in the pool area, please read these before swimming.

AMMENITIES – Children under the age of 10 year must not enter or remain in amenities blocks without adult supervision. Playing in amenities areas is not permitted.

TREES - Trees can fall, and drop branches.  Camping under trees is done at your own risk.



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