The Environment

The Mt Warning Rainforest Environment

Mt Warning Rainforest Park is such a magical place to stay because of the pristine, natural beauty of this unique and fragile environment. The area is a must for the eco-tourist containing over 160 species of birds, an amazing array of flora and with wildlife such as kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, possums, echidnas and the rarely seen platypus, it is definitely an area not to be missed. The Mt Warning Rainforest environment can only be protected by working together, that way we can ensure such precious parts of the earth are protected for future generations.

Conservation and land management

Our staff are committed to both preserving the existing habitat as well as rehabilitating the land. Due to the amount of human activity as well as the heavy rainfall the area receives, erosion is of great concern . We are in the process of planting trees and shrubs native to the area in an attempt to contain the damage erosion can cause and help maintain a natural balance. Everyone who visits the park can help us in this and other important tasks by being aware of a few points.

  • When visiting the river try to use different paths as using one path excessively will erode the soil.
  • For those on a longer stay try to move your tent every week to minimize the impact on the grass.
  • Do not take fire wood from the rainforest as its already being used by the local wildlife
  • Try to conserve water.
  • Please recycle using the bins provided.
  • Keep noise to a minimum, the noisier you are the less wildlife you will see.
  • Try to be energy efficient.
  • Please dispose of your rubbish with care.

Caring for the environment benefits everyone involved; park visitors, holidaymakers, customers, residents, staff, the community and the environment will all be winners. Enjoy your stay.